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We're a Fixture in the Elevator Industry.

For over five decades, Monitor Controls has provided the elevator industry with the finest craftsmanship, the most elegant, yet durable products, dependable service and skillful engineering.

By combining the lost art of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering skills we have taken elevator fixtures to another level, adding an attractive and distinctive finishing touch to many of North America’s most prestigious buildings.

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Product Features

Easy-to-Fix Fixtures

Only Monitor builds a sturdy backing plate into every Elevator Car Station it manufactures, so that faceplates can be removed without elevator service interruption. The dual-action strap hinges add another level of convenience by allowing you to have easy access to internal workings even in the tightest of spaces.

Convenient Pre-Wiring in Every Package

Pre-wiring is not a costly add-on option on Monitor Car Stations – it’s a recommended feature that’s included in every competitive estimate. Pre-wiring, to your specifications, saves expensive field labor hours and increases the efficiency and speed of installations.

Exclusive Halo Positive Stop Buttons

This vandal-resistant button is another Monitor exclusive. The button seats firmly on the halo, not on the contacts, so the risk of damaged or worn contacts is eliminated.


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The quality, attractiveness and durability of Monitor products have earned an enviable reputation in the elevator industry.

Product Series

Products Series

Our Product Series offers fixtures in a variety of designs and options to suit any style.


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